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About M.T Plast

Everybody knows that water is the necessary and vital requirment for the life to go on. But it needs a good distribution system for both the fresh(potable) water and used(drain) water. The best media for transporting the water from one place to another place is the UPVC pipe which has fast replaced conventional pipes. Modern Technology Factory for Plastic (M.T.Plast) took the advantage of the ever incresing demand for the UPVC pipes and started producing them from the year - 1997.

M.T.Plast is now one of the leading producer of UPVC pipes & fittings and its plant is located in the second industrial city of Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

M.T.Plast produces UPVC pipes for all applications such as fresh water lines, drainage & industrial fluid lines & duct for electrical & telecommunication sector. They are manufactured according to different standards such as SAS 14-15/1998, german dIN-8062, american D-1785, D-2241 & British B.S.3505-3506.

M.T.Plast produces UPVC pipes, CPVC pipes, PPR pipes and fittings for hot and cold water applications.we produce pipes from 20mm to 500mm in diameter and from 1/2" to 12" in diameter. It has the most modern machinery for Extrusion and injection with well equipped Laboratory and good storage system.

M.T.Plast UPVC pipes are popular in local Saudi market and are now gaining popularity in the neighboring countries because of the trusted quality, prompt delivery and commitment to customer satisfaction.